About Us

Mission Statement

 International Children's Network exists to provide as many of our world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children sponsorship for a complete education through their nation's highest university or vocational levels. By doing so every child will be on equal footing with their nation's most privileged children and they will return to their villages to help other children who are in the same condition they once were in order to break the cycle of utter dependency and despair and replace it with empowerment and hope!

How it all began

International Children's Network started in the summer of 1997 as a small youth group at a small church in Covington. It was the vision of its leaders to meet the needs of their local community and integrate all ages of children and adults to work together. Volunteering at Elderly homes or raking neighbor’s yards, it was vital for the group to be a part of the local community. Eventually, the little youth group drew attention and started traveling to integrate with other communities. This grew to communities in other states, countries and continents.

From this growth and involvement, many issues facing our world’s children were witnessed first hand and it became very evident that a small youth group from a small Church was not enough to fight the war millions of our world’s unfortunate children fight every day. Therefore, the urgency to work beyond a specific religious group, race, nationality, gender or status was compelling and International Children’s Network was born.

Providing Lasting Change

Less than one percent of the world's estimated 200-600 million at-risk and orphaned children receiving the support they need to lead a successful life. From the slums of India to the cemetery dwellers of the Philippines, children grow up with dreams that they know will never come true. They have so much potential, but lack the support they need to succeed and remain an untapped resource.

The Network

International Childrens Network exists to support and assist the great work being done by other organizations. We assist these groups through the work of child sponsorship. Sending the support of our sponsors to provide their individual children with an education all the way through the university level, food, clothing, school supplies, and other needs they may have.

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