The ICN Constitution

The following articles represent the heart and soul of the International Children’s Network (ICN). We will neither discriminate nor impose these core beliefs upon any person, organization or employee in regards to association, assistance or hiring practices. However, due to the fact that there are numerous moral systems of “right and wrong” within the many nations with which ICN is associated, it is imperative that every ICN Board Member firmly applies every article in The ICN Constitution when acting on behalf of ICN.

The following Constitutional articles of ICN must never be breached or compromised by its board members in any way. If an ICN Board Member does not apply nor adhere to every article listed in the ICN Constitution, then he or she will be terminated from their position. In addition, any candidate for the Board of ICN must also agree to practice and adhere to every listed article in the ICN Constitution or they will automatically disqualify themselves as a candidate. These articles are not “living and breathing”, nor are they meant to change with the times. Rather, they are to serve as a beacon of light during a fog of confusion or a point of stability in an unstable world. 

If these ICN articles are to be breached or compromised, then how could ICN make determinations in areas where severe treatment of woman and children are approved? How could ICN work on bringing children out of approved but forced slavery or prostitution industries when the ethical practices are approved in many of the areas ICN is associated?

Fair disagreements as to how these articles apply shall continue; however, any disagreement or reasoning that mitigates an article of ICN’s Constitution or completely changes the article’s meaning and intended purpose will not be allowed. Lastly, to change any article in the ICN Constitution shall require a minimum of 80% majority from the ICN sitting Board Members.

The following are the Articles of the ICN Constitution:

Article 1: The sole and primary basis for which the International Children’s Network shall base its entire ethical and moral standard shall be the Christian perspective of the Bible. From this perspective, shall ICN determine ethical and moral “rights and wrongs”. Every belief and practice must have a reference point when determining difficult ethical issues. The Bible shall be ICN's ethical and moral point of reference. For if there is not a common point of reference when deciding difficult issues of ethics, then every difficult issue of ethics shall be based on nothing and determined on nothing for its future clarity and direction.

Article 2: ICN shall never discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, belief, ethical practice or ability when finding assistance for any child in the world. In addition, this same practice will be applied when working with any group or organization that has an orphaned or at-risk child needing assistance. It is, and will always be, ICN’s mission to help each and every child possible to provide them with an opportunity to achieve their dream.

Article 3: ICN is not, nor ever will be, a religious organization. ICN shall never favor any religion, church, person or group over another when assisting or building any potential partnership through networking. Every determination shall be based on need. Furthermore, it is the belief of ICN that the Will of God, as described in the Bible, is to favor no person or group above another.

Article 4: It would be unconscionable to enrich any Board Member or employee while serving every orphaned and at-risk child of the world. Therefore, it is the desire of ICN that every Board Member receive their reward through their passion and motivation regarding their service to the children of ICN. It will be the goal and aim of ICN to have the highest “giving rate” of its supporters' money in the industry. Therefore, ICN’s minimum giving rate goal should never be less than 90% of every sponsorhip dollar.
By having such lofty goals, Board Members should ideally be as financially independent as possible while allowing their service and passion be their reward. However, the above goal may prove to be impossible and should by no means be a factor when deciding upon an ICN Board Member as a candidate. Therefore, if ICN shall have a paid Board Member, then the salary shall not exceed the average median salary of the State in which that particular Board member is living. In addition, no ICN leader shall circumvent this rule by declining to be a Board Member while being an ICN employee with decision powers of any kind.

Article 5: Trips imposed upon ICN personnel on behalf of ICN shall be paid by ICN to the best of ICN’s ability and the agreement of the person making the sacrifice.

Article 6: It will be the highest intention of ICN to encourage and allow the highest contact rate possible between a sponsor and their child. This principle shall carry the highest weight of decision.

Article 7: An ICN Board Member may only be removed by a 2/3 majority vote from ICN Board Members only.

Article 8: Regarding the financial practices of ICN, it must be encouraged for every individual who has a genuine interest in seeing the financial records and practices of ICN at any time to do so. Furthermore, it should be the goal of ICN to have its financial records audited by an outside auditor twice annually. It must also be the practice of every partner of ICN to have their books independently audited annually.

Article 9: The current and existing problem facing orphaned and at-risk children is recognized and must never be forgotten within ICN. Therefore, the net of cooperation and partnership with ICN must be cast as wide as possible in order to obtain the greatest amount of support for the children as possible. The children of ICN need as much help as is humanly possible. Therefore, any legal dollar of support from any person or organization will be equally appreciated and valued.

Article 10: It will be the prevailing belief of every ICN leader that a partner of ICN from any different culture has greater wisdom and methods within the culture or nation they operate. Therefore, if there is a difference regarding a method of operation pertaining to a partner in a different culture, then ICN leaders must agree to the better practice before discussing with the ICN partner. After a respectful and loving dialog has occurred, it will be up to the ICN partner if they want to change their method of operation or practice. At no time will ICN desire for change without their partner’s complete willingness and support. The sole desire of ICN regarding its partnerships is to assist and help along side to defeat the problems facing the orphaned and at-risk children of every culture most effectively.

Article 11: It is understood that Article 1 shall be held as the standard for interpreting and adhering to all other aforementioned articles listed currently and in the future. In addition, the amending of this Constitution shall only take place with no less than an 80% majority vote of ICN Board Members.

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