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International Children's Network Outreach and Volunteer

International Children's Network (ICN) has a unique way of doing outreach, both locally and internationally. ICN follows the example of the open-source model - a philosophy giving individuals direct access to the inner workings of our sponsorship process. From gathering an orphaned or at-risk child's information to handle ICN finances, we exist because of the hard work of our volunteers (including our Board of Directors) and the many dedicated people who handle the massive amount of data entry required to maintain ICN's sponsorship database.

Meet your child face to face

Sponsorship provides real, lasting support for a child starving for a hand up. In line with ICN's "open-source" structure, we invite and encourage sponsors to not only exchange letters with and purchase gifts for the children they support, but to travel with us and meet their child face to face. Meeting the child you have loved from so far away and for so long brings to life the letters and photos you have received over years of support.


International Children's Network is in the process of developing its international intern program. Our first set of interns returned from Uganda after three months of working in Uganda assisting with the development of a school-based hygiene program. We will be working to develop a curriculum and hope to open the program near the end of 2008 as the choir tour begins to come to a close. If you are interested or have any questions regarding this great opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ICN currently employs only one part-time employee. The rest of what we accomplish is a result of many hard-working volunteers who have a heart to help at-risk and orphaned children the world over. There are plenty opportunities to get involved in our work locally. From fund-raising to data entry, we are always open to your help.

If you believe you have something to offer, please contact us and let us know.

Travel Teams

Throughout the year ICN sends our directors and volunteers to the various countries in which we operate to check in on our programs and ensure things are running smoothly. We try to take advantage of these visits as often as possible because we are able to accomplish so much for our children and field workers when we take a large team to visit them. Many times our traveling volunteers have experience in the medical or engineering fields, which allows us to set up a medical clinic or drill wells to provide clean drinking water.

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