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Sponsorship Note. We want to apologise to the current sponsors and potential sponsors who have found our sponsorship system hard to use. This for us is the last thing we would want to come between a needy child and the kind hearts of the sponsors... We are doing all we can to develop the best solution for our sponsors and how they interact with the sponsored Child. If you have identified a Child and are having trouble processing a child through the site
Please contact our Director of Sponsorship at who will be more than happy to help you get a child sponsored. Thank you.

Rajkishore SorenRam Lal

Rakesh Besra

India $35.00 per month

Birth Date:2000
Want to be:Doctor
Favourite activity:Cricket
Favourite food:eggs & rice
Special needs:school supplies, uniform, clothes
Child history:Parents struggling to live and cannot care Rakesh. Lives in orphanage.

Short description:
India $35.00 per month

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